Why Us ?

Reach out to the India's most reliable Encryption Software.

Why Choose Us ?

  • Ease of encryption
  • Set your own prices (zero transaction fees)
  • Requires minimal instructions
  • Time saving
  • 24*7 technical assistance
  • Cost efficient
  • Allows you to watermark your videos
  • Prevents screen capture
  • Allows activities through messaging an email communication
  • Restricts video to single screen
  • Allows you to gain insights from your video about how many times it was watched, where it was watched etc
  • Gives permission for online viewing in one-go
  • Allows you to set geographical location, allow bulk registrations, alarm updates and advertisements
  • Allows you to display your course so that people can purchase it
Coaching Mobile App
Teacher Online App

Who Are We Most Useful For?

  • Online schools and colleges
  • Coaching Centres
  • Online tutorials
  • Major online meetings
  • Online trainings
  • Content creators