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Important Features Of DTH LMS Software

A cross platform video encryption software that allows you to securely share and stream your data without the threat of unauthorized duplication and sharing.

Live Class
Get Interactive Live Class to Any Device to Large Students (5000+).
Easy to Encrypt
You Can Compress, Convert and Encryot Videos In on Go.
View Restriction
No of Views or Duration restriction Of Each Video.
Backup Class
Get Unlimited Backup classes.
Get MCQ's Assignment, Fees, E-shop And Many More.
Tech Support
We Provide Direct tech Support To the Students.

Let’s Make Virtual Teaching Easy And Accessible

The world is experiencing a paradigm shift in how it functions. Education has become even more important and the need to provide it easily and fast has only grown over the years. This is exactly where DTH comes in. The brainchild of a set of people who consider tech their passion, this is a solution-based encryption software that lets you encrypt your videos safely, quickly and without any additional hassle.

Developed with state of the art technology, it safeguards your videos by securely encrypting your files and enables you to share them with the right viewers. And if that’s not enough it also lets you assess the viewer data by providing insights about the same.

It is a video encryption software for Apple and Android, both.

Difficulty In Finding Rright Software !

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