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The world is experiencing a paradigm shift in how it functions. Education has become even more important and the need to provide it easily and fast has only grown over the years. This is exactly where DTH comes in. The brainchild of a set of people who consider tech their passion, this is a solution-based encryption software that lets you encrypt your videos safely, quickly and without any additional hassle.
Developed with state-of-the-art technology, it safeguards your videos by securely encrypting your files and enables you to share them with the right viewers. And if that’s not enough it also lets you assess the viewer data by providing insights about the same.
It is a video encryption software for Apple and Android, both
With our best software, you will get all 4 video players for you to use (Android, Windows, Mac & iOS) so your students can watch or switch from any device. Only one type of device will be available to be played at a time if it’s approved by you, your students can change from one device to another. With our Encryptor program, you will have less manual work because not only our program encrypts the video but it also compresses it and assists you in direct uploading. You can also set geographical location binding that will help you with choosing the students only from your city.

Your data security is our priority!

Virtual learning is the need of the hour but at the same time there are several virtual threats that loom over our data. In this case, it is important to make sure that any video that we want to voluntarily share with a large number of people is encrypted, so that no unauthorized copying, duplication or distribution can take place.

Why Choose Us

  1. We are the best video encryption software in India
  2. We provide all four players for playing the video and don’t ask you to upload it
  3. It requires very minimal instructions and is uncomplicated
  4. It saves a lot of time
  5. It doesn’t require you to upload your videos
  6. Provides technical assistance

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To be the best video encryption software in India while providing our customers the best quality and services.
To make online teaching easy and accessible for people all around the country.